Missing text when hovering mouse...

  nick_j007 21:37 16 Dec 09

As the title says really. When I hover over a link or anthing which is clickable my mouse simply shows a small open square underneath rather than any text.

I am using XP with FireFox.

Any ideas please?


  woodchip 21:54 16 Dec 09

None, does the link still work?

You could try a System Restore

  nick_j007 22:03 16 Dec 09

Hi Woodchip.

Yes all left and right clicks work as expected, but there are no tooltips being displayed when I pause the mouse on a web page.

I have just been looking at it a bit more, and I see that all tooltips work on my browser bar and bottom line-the taskbar. Just seems to be info within web pages.


  woodchip 22:05 16 Dec 09

Why not uninstall the Browser after you save Favorites, then reinstall it and import the bookmarks that you saved

  nick_j007 22:07 16 Dec 09

That's a thought.

I see in fact it's downloading a biggish update now, so let's see if that helps first?

Thank you :)

  nick_j007 23:12 16 Dec 09

No difference after updating.

How do I save my fav's in FF do you know?


  Sea Urchin 23:21 16 Dec 09

Save bookmarks in FF

click here

  nick_j007 23:48 16 Dec 09

Thanks Sea Urchin.

I looked at my extensions added and removed them one by one, and found that the google toolbar was creating a small empty box under the hand that appears when there is a clickable link.

I uninstalled the google toolbar and reinstalled it and now the problem has stopped - Voila!

Many thanks for prodding me in the right direction people!

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