Missing text from attachments.

  Meshuga 21:17 08 Apr 04

A friend has sent me a number of emails of which some had attachments and some did not. All were sent to my OE account. Those with attachments arrived with no text in the message section and those without attachments arrived with the text intact. My OE is set up not to bar attachments so can anyone suggest where the problem lies. His isp is onetel. My isp is metronet broadband.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:47 08 Apr 04

and the file format which the attachment is.
Which windows do you have, What office type software do you run eg word, works, Office, Lotus etc and what type of file attachment does the file format arrive in if you open it to get the option to save to disk I think it will say .psp or something similar in three letters.

e;g psp stands for Paint shop pro or pwp for power point, could be something but you need to have the software on your machine to full support the attachment.

  Meshuga 22:07 08 Apr 04

Hi Kinloss. I use Win XP home os. I do not use any office programs as I have no need of them. Any correspondence I need i do in wordpad and print it out. When the problem emails come in from this friend all that appears is the usual OE format showing the "from" box, the"CC"box and the"BCC"box + the paper clip. Nothing else whatsoever. Clicking the paper clip to open the attachment does nothing at all. I have had attachments from other people and opened them without problem.Meshuga.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:47 08 Apr 04

types of file attachement File Formats which means in an way to explain it better, say your freind is sending the file attachement by a programme called PowerPoint which is part of the Microsoft Office package, and your machine does not have PowerPoint, this means you will not be able to view the content of the attachment unless you have PowerPoint.

So what you need to find out from you freind is what software did he create the file attachment in.

Notepad/Wordpad will open a number of file attachement but its limited to how many different types of software it can open.

Ever heard of Adobe Acrobat Reader, this is used to open file types called Pdf. Again Pdf files are unique and Adobe software which is a freebie converts the Pdf into its own readable text.

Then theres Zip Files but thats another storey.

  Meshuga 16:44 09 Apr 04

Many thanks Kinloss. My friend is using word pad for his attachments and I have found that if he sends them to my hotmail account I can open them without trouble but if he sends to OE I cant.
I`ve had attachments from somebody else and they open immediately I click on the paperclip. I`ve told my friend to send any attachments to my hotmail A/c. Easiest way out at the moment. Many thanks for your help.Meshuga.

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