missing taskbar , where is it ???

  grabster 19:18 04 Jun 04

Hi, from time to time my xp system loses the taskbar and start menu,the whole bottom row in fact,im left with the my documents folder open on screen and nothing else.
i can still navigate through windows but cant get my bar back.
is there a shortcut to use so i dont have to reboot and does anyone know why this happens ?

  LAP 19:23 04 Jun 04

click start/properties/taskbar and check accordingly

  powerless 19:24 04 Jun 04

Start, Control Panel, Taskbar and start menu -UNcheck "Auto Hide the taskbar" ?

  LAP 19:31 04 Jun 04

Mines quicker/shorter! Only kidding

  grabster 19:40 04 Jun 04

Thanks all,any idea how this happens ?

  powerless 19:41 04 Jun 04

A fiddler.

  grabster 19:58 04 Jun 04

cheers powerless :o)

Who me ?

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