Missing startup icons

  EJ1947 20:49 12 Jan 06

I have several progs which start up on power up and place an icon in the task bar. These are things like AVG, Zone alarm, Win patrol etc. Problem is often some icons don't appear even though if I run "whats running" prog they are actualy running. It is random which don't appear.
Anyone know why the icons go missing. They are all ticked in msconfig.
System 1800 AMD , XP home , 512 RAM

  VoG II 20:54 12 Jan 06

click here Minimized Programs Missing.

  VoG II 20:54 12 Jan 06

Sorry, forget that.

  EJ1947 21:32 12 Jan 06

Thanks - I've forgotten that -- any others have ideas??

  Thalmus 21:34 12 Jan 06

right click your taskbar and click the customise button at the bottom, what does it say there?

  Thalmus 21:34 12 Jan 06

sorry, should be right click your taskbar and select properites, then click the customise button

  EJ1947 21:39 12 Jan 06

Thalmus - Everything is UNTICKED except for the clock.

  Thalmus 21:47 12 Jan 06

ok, have a look here, quite a few things for you to try, if any of them work (i suspect it might be the the plug and play service) let us know

click here

  EJ1947 21:55 12 Jan 06

Good bit of reading there pal. Be back next month with results!!!

Also found this prog click here
which looks promising. Need to configure and try starting up a few times.
Thanks for now

  EJ1947 22:16 12 Jan 06

Good news
I first tried the programme click here - switched off then re-booted and everything started as it should, even with icons . I had to specify time delays between each startup programme and it worked perfectly.
Thalmus - bookmarked your link in case of future problems.

  Thalmus 22:19 12 Jan 06

Glad you got it sorted!

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