Missing "sound" on Vista Works documents after CC.

  mooly 11:54 07 Aug 09

After running disc cleanup and with a reboot in between, then running CC (New version) the "Chime sound or whatever" that you get when you are exiting an MS works document has dissappeared.
The one where if you close the application without first saving it, a box pops up asking if you want to save the changes also accompanied by a sound.
Been into "sounds" and tried selecting and applying "Windows default" and then back to and applying the Vista one. Other sounds, insert hardware, usb, startup etc all seem OK. Just this one.

  Woolwell 13:22 07 Aug 09

I think that is the Windows Exclamation sound. Does it work if you test it?

  mooly 13:47 07 Aug 09

It does yes.
I right click the tray icon and select sounds and have scrolled down the entire list of windows "events" looking for a possible one that relates to this but can't find any. Tried adding a sound to "menu command" and "question" which seemed the most likely but still no sound for exiting modified but unsaved documents.
It always been there, ran CC as above, now it's gone.

  Sea Urchin 14:07 07 Aug 09

Restore your last CC registry backup.

  mooly 14:09 07 Aug 09

Done that, still the same :)

  Woolwell 14:55 07 Aug 09

It is the Exclamation sound.

  Woolwell 14:57 07 Aug 09

Try applying a different sound for exclamation and see if that works.

  mooly 18:15 07 Aug 09

:) Tried all that.
I don't know where or whether an "option" exists to turn it on and off for what it used to do, you know like the sound for "connect usb" etc, that's self explanetry, and changing the sound does what you expect. Any ideas what it might be called ?

  Woolwell 19:01 07 Aug 09

I have loaded Works document and exited as you described and the sound is the exclamation (I changed sound and it changed).

  Sea Urchin 19:09 07 Aug 09

Woolwell has told you 4 times that it is called the Exclamation sound. You can allocate any sound file you want to any Microsoft Windows action - for example you could make your PC say Good Morning to you when you boot up.

Just select a sound file by browsing.

  mooly 19:20 07 Aug 09

Got you... thought you meant that was the name of the "sound" not the name of the thing in the list.
Anyway "exclamation" is set to the "exclamation sound" and it doesn't work on documents.
Tried applying other sounds to the "exclamation" and no good. So it looks like something has got corrupted somewhere :(

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