Missing sound with burned dvd

  ACOLYTE 17:09 24 Feb 08

I tried to burn a dvd from an avi file using nero 7
it burned ok but the finished dvd has no sound.
The oringinal file does have sound it just didnt copy across,any one know what i did wrong?.

  tullie 17:15 24 Feb 08

Is the avi file still available?

  ACOLYTE 18:57 24 Feb 08

Yeah i have it on my pc .

  LABMAN 20:24 24 Feb 08


I occasionaly had similar problems when burning DVD's using Nero, or else the sound and picture were out of Sync, try using DVD Flick, it's a bit slower than Nero but it's freee and never failed me yet.

  ACOLYTE 14:35 25 Feb 08

Thx LABMAN i will check this program out,but for now i would like to know what i did wrong,i have checked the log file and there are no errors listed for the burn so i am stumped.

  LABMAN 15:34 25 Feb 08

Your welcome ACOLYTE, but you may have done absoloutely nothing wrong it's usually a problem with the AVI file.

  ACOLYTE 01:29 26 Feb 08

Ok,well ill try burning using the DVD Flick and see how i go,once again thx.

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