Missing ram?

  jake2 12:26 10 Feb 08

I couldnt install a program on my parents pc as it needed a minimum of 512 ram.
The pc was bought from mesh a few years ago with 512mb ram.
I checked and found something like 196mb (or some other strange figure indicated) of ram installed.
I opened the case and found 1 x 256 mb ram.
The pc was repared by a local pc repair shop some time last year and I think they changed the mobo. It looks like they only installed half the memory it had, as well as forgetting to connect up the front usb portm and screwing up the av.
I had a couple of spare ram cards at home so I stuck them in (2x256 ddr) and the pc shows 480mb (approx) installed.
What would cause the difference in the installed ram and displayed ram?

  VoG II 12:31 10 Feb 08

32 MB used by on-board graphics?

  MAJ 12:32 10 Feb 08

Your on-board graphics is using the 'missing' RAM.

  jake2 12:35 10 Feb 08

Ah I never even looked to see if there was a graphics card installed or not!
I'll check that the next time I'm there. Is there anything else that might cause that or is the graphics card the only likely cause?
I'll also check if the pc came from MESH with a graphics card or not to see if that was also removed in the "repair"

  MAJ 12:44 10 Feb 08

It's almost certainly the graphics using the 32MB, jake2.

  MAJ 12:49 10 Feb 08

As to the repair: It might have been that the missing [faulty??]RAM module was the cause of the computer's original problem (why it needed to be repaired, in the first place) but why a new replacement module wasn't installed and why the front USB ports weren't re-attached I don't know. Something for you to take up with the repairers, maybe?

  jake2 16:03 10 Feb 08

Unfortunately I only found out about these issues this week. My parents cant find the reciept from the repair or remember what the original fault was and it was months ago.
I doubt I have a leg to stand on as far as the repair shop is concerned. Infuriating though.

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