Missing Network adapters driver

  Neeli 16:38 09 Jan 06

Hi All, just did a clean installation of Windows XP so that I could start using my network adapter. But not the 'Network adapter' and 'other devices' have vanished from the Device Manager. Any ideas?

  recap 18:06 09 Jan 06

You should not have to install the drivers etc for these devices in XP, but, I would suggest that you run the software for the adapters. Do a hard reboot and see if they show up again.

  Neeli 23:33 09 Jan 06

Tried doing that, nothing happened.

Just loaded into Safe Mode. Checked under Device Manager and the network adapter driver is there. When I logged back into normal mode it still didnt appear. Attempted to refresh the connect in Safe mode, but this did nothing. It did not actually list the device under Adapters in safe mode either.

Anything else I should try?

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