Missing Icons from system bar

  Farleyjim 08 Oct 11

On my wife's PC(Windows XP Home) the speaker icon and one or two others have disappeared from the system bar. When I go to Properties and customize, I notice that the missing icons appear in the "lower list" of the dialogue box. How do I restore these missing icons? I have recently installed "Twonky" to her machine but don't recall whether this problem occured then.Could this have affected the system bar? Many thanks

  AroundAgain 08 Oct 11

When you see the icons in Properties and Customize, click on the right hand side column next to the name and you can change the status. If they say 'Hide if inactive' then they will show in the systems bar when that program is active. If not active, then they are hidden.

Wonder if that helps you?

If not, then wait for someone with more knowledge/expertise than I have


  lotvic 08 Oct 11

Try this and see if it fixes it

Rightclick on a blank part of Taskbar and leftclick on Properties to open the 'Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

Taskbar tab, Put a tick in 'Hide inactive icons' so that the 'Customize' button will become active.

Click on 'Customize' button and 'Customize Notifications' will open for 'Current Items' and 'Past Items'

Click on the item you want (Volume) and at the right a dropdown box will become active, click on the down arrow and choose the action you want.

Click on OK

You can untick 'Hide inactive icons' now if you want to.

Click on 'Apply' and 'OK'

  robin_x 09 Oct 11

They can also disappear for other reasons.

Google links

Happens with me on W7 as well. Almost always, a reboot will bring them up. But that's not always convenient.

I made some shortcuts and stuck them in Quicklaunch. So even if missing I don't have to reboot.

I never have tracked down a definite fix or explanation of why mine are only sometimes missing.

  Farleyjim 11 Oct 11

Given the involvement and variable success that people are having, I think it might be best to do nothing and put up with the frustration! a pity, though.


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