Missing icon

  Rossi#1 16:41 21 Jun 06

I just installed a new graphics card an Nvidia 7300 GS and all was well to begin with.There was a little icon at the bottom right for changing things but its disappeared and when I do a file search for Nvidia nothing gets found.
It all works fine except when we start up theres a wierd whirring louder than usual.

  DieSse 17:34 21 Jun 06

*theres a wierd whirring louder than usual.*

The fan on the new card, perhaps.

Download the latest nvidia driver at click here - you should do this anyway, as the CD rarely contains the most up-to-date driver, and it'll probably solve your "missing icon" problem too.

  Rossi#1 18:24 21 Jun 06

Yes I knew it was the cards fan but it sometimes sounds a bit rough.Seems ok now though.
I installed the new drivers but does it automatically get rid of the old ones?The icon has returned.

  iscanut 19:02 21 Jun 06

To ensure the NVidia icon is shown in the task bar, do the following..
Right Click on any part of the desktop
Select Properties
Select Settings
Select Advanced
Click on the Nvidia Tab which will have the name of your graphics card
Select Tools
You should then see a tick box for " Enable Taskbar icon". Make sure this is ticked.

  Rossi#1 21:32 21 Jun 06

I knew there was a way but I kept right-clicking on the task bar itself.Duh!

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