Missing HD space

  second best 11:46 AM 10 May 11

Hi, i'm clearing out my drives to free space.

I have a 640 HD with 100gig partition for C

My Comp showing C as being 97 gig, with 23 gig free. Programs are 19gig, windows folder is 19.5 gig, my documents folder is only 10 megabyte tops, but If i go into C drive root folder, and select users, find my account and right click, it's showing 6.4 gig, but then when i go into it it's only about 10meg

Where is the other 30 or so gb?

  woodchip 12:08 PM 10 May 11

May be Restore Points, If your PC is running OK go to System Restore and Turn it off then back on, this clears old restore points make a new point. Then set the Hard Drive to use about 5 to 7% of the drive. You only need restore Turned on for the Operating system Partition. As that is the one that will fold if its going to

  robin_x 12:24 PM 10 May 11

Check recycle bin is empty.

Disabling hibernate will free upto a couple of gigs. (c:\hiberfil.sys)

Pagefile may take up a lot but best left alone.

Turn on hidden and system files for a better idea but don't go around deleting stuff if you don't know what it does.

  second best 12:52 PM 10 May 11

Ok thanks fellas.

I use Ccleaner. I've already turned off System Restore as part of my cleaning, but it's back on now as of last night.

as for pagefile i've no idea what to do with that, and Hibernation; I'll look into it.

Seems common as a problem so i'll pu it down to maybe hidden files and folders, but 30 gig or more seems like a lot.

  robin_x 13:00 PM 10 May 11


Pagefile is on your hard disk and is used when RAM is full. If you have the wrong setting the computer does not have enough memory and will run like a dog.

So that's why best not touch

Hidden etc


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