Missing Excel Guide Lines

  osben 12:08 30 Apr 13


I am using Excel 2003 on Windows 7

When I copy and past a number or whatever from one cell and move it to another cell, the cell that did have the number in does not have guide lines around it any longer. I mean the grey guide lines that show on screen not borders that I can set up which then sho Black on screen.

Any hel would be appreciated to this annoying problem.


  Picklefactory 13:11 30 Apr 13

Apologies if it's a daft question, but how exactly are you copying/pasting? You aren't somehow cutting/pasting instead?

  Picklefactory 13:12 30 Apr 13

Sorry, just re-read your post. Mine now makes no sense.

  osben 13:22 30 Apr 13

Hi Picklefactory

Thanks for your reply

No it's not a daft question.

No idea why I typed "copy and paste" - should have typed "Cut and Paste" which I do using the commands with the right mouse button.


  lotvic 18:36 30 Apr 13

Excel 2003, doesn't happen in mine, on white background the grey grid lines are still there. Only the cells that have been filled with a colour do not show the grey grid lines round them and when I 'cut and paste' a coloured cell the original goes back to white with grey grid lines round it.

  Picklefactory 18:09 01 May 13

Same here. I can't duplicate the issue with Excel 2007

  Woolwell 20:29 01 May 13

With Office 2007 the only way I can replicate it is if grid lines are turned off and outside borders are on for all cells.

  recap 10:37 02 May 13

osben, I have tried to replicate your problem with out success. I am wondering if you have a macro running that would cause this to happen?

  osben 15:12 02 May 13

Hi Guys Thanks for your input. recap - I will check this at the weekend but I doubt it. Woolwell - No it's not that.

I am wondering if it could be a bug in the programme itself which can't be rectified with an Office repair. Perhaps the only way of sorting it is to do a complete re-install which I really don't want to have to do.


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