Missing email

  benson68 19:25 22 Nov 12

I use Windows Live Mail to access my Virgin Media email account. I tried to send four photos to a friend, & since then, everytime I've come out of Windows Live Mail, it asks me if I want to send unsent messages from my outbox. I can only think that the photos were too large to send, but the email doesn't appear in my "sent" folder, so I can't delete it, & get rid of this message. What could I do to resolve this issue?

  mgmcc 19:48 22 Nov 12

"the email doesn't appear in my "sent" folder, so I can't delete it, & get rid of this message"

The unsent message would normally remain in the Outbox folder until satisfactorily sent, is it not in there?

  Kevscar1 05:12 23 Nov 12

or in the drafts folder

  benson68 09:12 24 Nov 12

There isn't an outbox in Windows Live Mail, & the email doesn't appear in the drafts folder. It is possible that I've cleaned out the sent folder, ( & forgotten about it!) but thinking about it, I didn't reduce the size of the photos, & this warning message only appeared just after these photos were sent. I once blocked my brothers email with an overlarge attachment! Could anything else generate this message? Every email afterwards has been sent OK.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:44 24 Nov 12

"There isn't an outbox in Windows Live Mail..."

Actually, there is. Have another look at your folders' list on the far left-hand side and the Outbox is usually at the very bottom. You may need to scroll down a bit to see it.

  benson68 10:18 25 Nov 12

Genious!!! It was there, unsent. I've deleted it, so now things should be OK. Thanks again.

Fancy not knowing I had an "Outbox"!

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