Missing email

  benson68 22 Nov 12

I use Windows Live Mail to access my Virgin Media email account. I tried to send four photos to a friend, & since then, everytime I've come out of Windows Live Mail, it asks me if I want to send unsent messages from my outbox. I can only think that the photos were too large to send, but the email doesn't appear in my "sent" folder, so I can't delete it, & get rid of this message. What could I do to resolve this issue?

  mgmcc 22 Nov 12

"the email doesn't appear in my "sent" folder, so I can't delete it, & get rid of this message"

The unsent message would normally remain in the Outbox folder until satisfactorily sent, is it not in there?

  Kevscar1 23 Nov 12

or in the drafts folder

  benson68 24 Nov 12

There isn't an outbox in Windows Live Mail, & the email doesn't appear in the drafts folder. It is possible that I've cleaned out the sent folder, ( & forgotten about it!) but thinking about it, I didn't reduce the size of the photos, & this warning message only appeared just after these photos were sent. I once blocked my brothers email with an overlarge attachment! Could anything else generate this message? Every email afterwards has been sent OK.

  Secret-Squirrel 24 Nov 12

"There isn't an outbox in Windows Live Mail..."

Actually, there is. Have another look at your folders' list on the far left-hand side and the Outbox is usually at the very bottom. You may need to scroll down a bit to see it.

  benson68 25 Nov 12

Genious!!! It was there, unsent. I've deleted it, so now things should be OK. Thanks again.

Fancy not knowing I had an "Outbox"!


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