Missing E mails in Icredimail where are they

  SparkyJack 09 Jul 13

So reports the intennded recipient of the mail I send.

When I visited the 'victim' I discovered she used Incredimail.

Sure enough the In box contained the usual content but none from me.

Checking in Spam, not there. Looking in trash and there they were.

Some sort of filter at work presumably.

How does one correct this?

  spuds 09 Jul 13

Should this be in Tech Helproom and not Speakers Corner?.

I used and recommended Incredimail for quite a long time, but having similar problems you have described,and never really finding the true answer, I eventually gave up on that programme.

Perhaps a new re-install or a check in your contact box is required?.

  sunnypete 09 Jul 13

Is this the answer click here

  sunnypete 09 Jul 13

Further to my previous, just checked my message rules, found two that I have deleted, thanks for drawing my attention to this peculiarity, hope it solves this problem.

  SparkyJack 09 Jul 13

Thank you Sunny Pete

Will pass that one on

There you go Spuds see if it works for you too

  Nontek 09 Jul 13

While in Message Rules, have a look at Blocked Senders - you might be surprised !!

  Forum Editor 09 Jul 13

Transferred to Tech Helproom from Speakers Corner.


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