Missing E-mails

  SparkyJack 20:08 20 Jun 11

Several mails between my Daughter and my self seem not to have arrived in the past week This we discovered in conversation during a visit to me yesterday.

We are both BT Yahoo

So is this a common occurrence?

  wee eddie 20:46 20 Jun 11

Have you checked that they've not been erroneously classed as Spam?

  northumbria61 21:03 20 Jun 11

Go to your BT Server and check your Spam folder - if they are in there mark them as "Not Spam"

  SparkyJack 09:10 21 Jun 11

Yes to both of you The Spam folder is always checked, as it happens this morning a colleague in a mail wrote, the one sent by him earlier with attached images I had not responded to. I appear not to have got this one either - in his case he is a TalkTalk group user.[Tiscali]

  wee eddie 10:02 21 Jun 11

Missing e-Mails ~ with attachments.

Some people send e-mails that have a total of attachments that exceed the limits of your ISP's Maximum allowed size.

  Woolwell 11:24 21 Jun 11

Are you checking your spam via an e-mail client or webmail? Some ISP's trap spam at their servers and you need to check by webmail.

  SparkyJack 12:15 21 Jun 11

Woolwell Read all the above - we are talking about Webmail

  Woolwell 13:24 21 Jun 11

And where does it say webmail? BT Yahoo can also be accessed through e-mail clients. I was trying to help.

  Woolwell 14:11 21 Jun 11

Sorry Jack - must be having a bad day.

  SparkyJack 19:57 21 Jun 11

Woolwell- I know we all have them . As a matter of fact yesterday I was dozy all day sleeping a lot of the time- just like when i had flu last month.

This morning a friend came by for coffee and chat- looked at me and commented 'Are you Well you look a bit rough-' And I was feeling better today -

He should have seen me Monday.


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