Missing disc drive icon- help needed please

  northerngirl 18:01 09 May 08

I am running Windows XP.
I put a disc in the drive which would usually start automatically, however this time it did not.I have tried to access the drive via My Computer with no success as the icon for the drive cannot be found.
There is no exclamation mark in Device Manager next to the drive,and it says it is working properly.
I tried running the disc manually through Run but I got an error message saying D:\ refers to a location that is unavailable.
Any advice,in simple terms, very much appreciated.

  tullie 18:37 09 May 08

Uninstal it,then reboot?

  ICF 18:39 09 May 08

Have you moved the computer?
Does the drive spin up?
Does it work with CD's and DVD's?
Could the drive have gone faulty?

  wee eddie 19:02 09 May 08

and then On again. Maybe a couple of times.

If things are no better Take the Cover off and get out your Stethoscope and listen to it. If you haven't got one handy try to remember how they made one on Blue Peter with a rolled up newspaper!

Check it's connections are tight (Turn off the PC before you do that)(actually most engineers don't turn it off but then they're used to the occasional shock)

  northerngirl 20:23 09 May 08

Thanks everybody for your prompt and brilliant advice.
I went to the archives and trawled through many episodes of Blue Peter to find out how to make the stethoscope, wee eddie.
I listened carefully and it said, "go away,I'm having a rest".
I came back a little later, got my other half to tighten all the wires etc and voila, it now works!

Many thanks for the smiles and advice. :)

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