Missing Curser ?

  Furkin 19 Feb 12

Every now & then, I lose sight of my curser. It seems o.k in Word & Excel etc.

It 'looks like' it happens mainly on 3rd party sites, when writing into their forms (including PCA).

In this instance, I see the 'I' curser as I type, but if I try to go back a few letters, I lose it. Everything actually works,,,, but it looks like the curser has become invisible.

Any ideas please ?

  northumbria61 20 Feb 12

Laptop or Desktop? Just a guess if you have a laptop but I suspect the touchpad. Disconnect the mouse and see if the problem persists. If so, you have a touchpad problem, not a mouse problem.

  northumbria61 20 Feb 12

I mentioned the touchpad as a possible cause because you may be accidentally brushing your hand against the touchpad while typing.

  Furkin 20 Feb 12

Thanks again N61:

Desktop, with USB mouse.

Asus M4A78LT + 4gb AMD Phenom RAM + W-7

It's actually happening whilst I'm typing this. Now I see what's happening, I'm not sure if I used the correct nomenclature.

As I move the mouse, I see a moving ‘curser’ ?! As I’m typing, I see a different ‘curser’ ! I assume that each curser has a different name ?

The curser operated by the mouse is fine. It’s the curser ‘as I’m typing’ that seems to be faulty. As I’m typing, it works as it should, but if I stop typing, & use the arrows to backtrack or similar, it either becomes invisible or stays where it is. I say ‘invisible’ as whilst I can’t see it, it is there & working,,,,, but I can’t see it.

If I move the mouse curser back into the text, & left click (as normal) nothing happens.

  northumbria61 20 Feb 12

In that case I suspect it could be your keyboard. Are you able to try another one to rule that out? Or you could try updating your keyboard driver via Device Manager.

  Woolwell 20 Feb 12

Does this only happen on websites?

It sounds as if the website is not responding. Which browser are you using? What adblockers or other add-ons do you have running? What is your download speed?

  Furkin 21 Feb 12

N61: I've tried 2 other keyboards with the exact same result. This only started about a month ago. Will look for a new driver.

W: All my kit is just about a year old after a complete re-build. I'm using IE9 - Google. My DLspeed is aroung 4500kb. (We get FTTC on 01/03/12 - yipp flippin ee).

It dosn't happen in MS-Office (10), but it does happen on most 3rd party sites where I need to type stuff in: mainly forums (PCA seems to be playing up today as well).

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

Trying PCA site in compatibility mode on IE9.

You could also try running IE9 without any add-ons to see if that makes a difference.

You try another browser and see if it happens with that browser too.

  Woolwell 21 Feb 12

Try not trying in first line.

  Furkin 22 Feb 12

I tried not trying in first line - sorry, couldn't resist it !?

I tried typing from the 2nd line. It didn't make any difference.

How do I run IE9 in comp mode ?

Where do I see what Add-ons I have ?
I don't recall adding an add-on, but there are some automatic ones that I might have agreed to.

I'm using Firefox for this one, & so far it seems o.k,,,,, so it looks like a IE issue.

  Furkin 22 Feb 12

I'm back on IE9 _ getting the same problem.

I'm running - I think - in Compat mode. Of course I do have lots of add-ons, but I don't know if I should meddle with them.

I also have IE9 on my lappy, so will boot it up & see if it's the same.

thanks so far


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