Missing control panel

  Tony7 15:05 13 Nov 06

On a H.P. Pavilion 8540 there is no control panel under settings. Is it something I have done? I've reloaded windows 98 but it is still missing. Can anyone suggest anyway I can get it back. Thanks.

  Gongoozler 15:24 13 Nov 06

Did you reload Windows 98 as a clean install (after first reformatting the drive)? If you didn't then it's quite possible that a registry tweak to hide the control panel is still there.

  Tony7 15:27 13 Nov 06

That sounds likely. Why hide the control panel?

  Tony7 15:31 13 Nov 06

How could I tweak it back? Is this possible?

  brundle 15:34 13 Nov 06

Try Tweakui (click here), it allows you to hide Control Panel and/or Control Panel tools. May have been done by mistake.

  Tony7 15:38 13 Nov 06

Trying that. Thanks. Will let you know.

  Tony7 16:05 13 Nov 06

It appears that you have to access tweakui from the control panel. Thats not available. Now what? there must be a way. Thanks for the help so far

  brundle 16:12 13 Nov 06

do a search for tweakui.cpl and double click it

  brundle 16:17 13 Nov 06

Or start regedit and look here; click here
Search for `NoControlPanel`

  Tony7 17:13 13 Nov 06

Hmmmm. Bit tricky think I'll sleep on that. Thanks for all you assistance. It's nice to know your not alone. I'll return. Tony7

  Tony7 16:39 18 Nov 06

Thanks to brundle I have cracked it. I finally had courage to follow instructions in regedit. Excellent thanks again.

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