missing belkin installation

  jim.hesse.35 20:44 11 Jul 06

Ive just purchased a Belkin ADSL Mdem with 125 high speed Mode Wireless G router,but ther's no installation info or drivers on the disk, just the manual is this right? I'm snookered as how to adjust any settings without the software. I'm lost for setting up the router.When connected I get all the green lights but it wont connect to internet so I can't use the online wizard to set things up either.Any suggestions please

  ade.h 21:45 11 Jul 06

Yes. Routers do not install in any way whatsoever and their clients (the PCs in a network) do not even see the router directly, as the network adapters do that.

Configuring a router is very simple indeed. Run an Ethernet cable between the router and a client - laptop, desktop, does not matter - and open a browser. Type (for Belkin routers) into the address bar and you're in.

  ade.h 23:34 11 Jul 06

Let me know via this thread if you would like my guide to Belkin setup.

  jim.hesse.35 06:21 12 Jul 06

yes please,

  ade.h 13:56 12 Jul 06

You'll need to give me the exact model number so that I can send you the correct version. Please do so via PM, so that I receive an email address to send it to.

  jim.hesse.35 20:01 12 Jul 06

thanks ADE.h all is working a treat even the wireless pc cheers

  ade.h 20:06 12 Jul 06

Oh, okay. Let me know if you want some info about security setup.

  jim.hesse.35 14:39 13 Jul 06

just incase you are wondering I did what you suggested and up popped the wizard, again thanks.
I would appreciate the security settings aswell

  ade.h 15:52 13 Jul 06

No problem. I'll foward them to you in a day or two.

  ade.h 16:41 14 Jul 06

To save me sending it to you, have a look at my online equivalent. It's written around the 7632, but it's basically the same click here

A useful tip for you that I have not yet included in that guide: create your WPA key in a Notepad file, from which you can copy and paste it into the relevant box in the router's interface and into the password boxes that will appear when you first try to connect a wireless client PC. This avoids typing errors with the long and complex key!

  ade.h 16:43 14 Jul 06

Oh, forgot to say: make sure that any wireless clients are disconnected from the router while you change wireless settings. Otherwise, the connection will crash and you will be locked out of the router.

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