Missing ASYCFILT.DLL - where can I download it?

  Templar1961 17:15 27 Jul 05

Whilst attempting to install Office XP on a pc running Windows 98 SE I got error 25506. The ASYCFILT.DLL is version 2.40.4275.1 and I require 2.40.4277.1 - where is a 'safe' place to download this file from?

  maveric 17:17 27 Jul 05

click here
Try here

  Stuartli 17:58 27 Jul 05

Microsoft Support article and remedy:

click here

  Templar1961 13:35 28 Jul 05

Is this a safe site to download from?

I saw the Microsoft suggested solution but I couldn't find the file on the CD!

  Stuartli 15:42 28 Jul 05

Have you tried Start>Search>Files or Folders>All Files and Folders (from Menu)>Look In?

  Templar1961 11:03 03 Aug 05

Thanks Stuartli - located file on CD using my laptop with Windows XP professional, then searched for it on the old PC using Windows 98 that I am less familiar with!

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