Missing 18GB on my hardrive (showing 232 of 250)

  Major Disaster 12:08 15 Feb 06


I have a Dell Dimension 9150 with 2 250GB Hardrives in RAID Mirror. In My Computer, my C drive shows a total of 228GB, but then when i ran Acronis Disk Director and it shows Disk 1 has 4 partitions.

1. NTFS (C:) Capacity 228.1 GB
2. FAT32 Capacity 4.642 GB
3. FAT16 Capacity 62.72 MB
4. Unallocated Capacity 7.844 MB

= a total of (by my calculations) 232.81089 GB
and a total of 17.18911 GB missing!

Any idea where its gone?

I do know by the way that one of those partitions is the Dell System Restore Utility if that helps!


  Totally-braindead 12:14 15 Feb 06

Part of this will be due to the hard drive manufacturers counting 1000 bytes as 1k rather than 1024 bytes which it actually is. A 250 gb hard drive should be 244 gig so there is some missing but it could be a hidden partition with some of the Dell restore software on it.

The fact that a 250GB drive has only 238 GiB of space isn't due to "formatting and partitioning", it is due to the fact that drives are advertized in decimal GB, while software usually calculates binary GiB. The difference is about 7%. Your "250GB" drive doesn't hold more than those 238 GiB.

It is explained here

click here

Hope this helps to reasure you nothing is lost.

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