Misplaced Taskbar, can't find it now.

  Mysticnas 01:47 03 Jan 06

Hi all,

Darn i feel silly now....

I was just messing around with my Taskbar, as you do...

... and well i was moving it around, trying to figure out where i prefered it, bottom, top, left or right of the screen. However, just as i was moving the bar from left to the top my hand slipped and well the mouse went flying off (to the right i think).

Now i can't see the taskbar at! I'm unsure as to whether I clicked the "hide taskbar" or "locked" options. I've managed to get to control panel from my desktop icons and opened up the "Taskbar and Start Menu" settings. However, the window did not show.

Well actually, it did show, just that i couldn't see it. I went into task manager and sure enough, there was the "Task Bar" settins window open but no-where in site.

Please please please... how do i get it back?

Thank you muchly in advance!


  007al 01:54 03 Jan 06

Go to where the task bar was last,and when the pointer turns to two arrows,pull it out

  007al 01:54 03 Jan 06

click on it and pull it out

  BRYNIT 01:57 03 Jan 06

It seems as though you have reduced the task bar.

Move you mouse pointer to sides/top and bottom until you see the pointer looking like an arrrow pointing in the oposit directon.

hold down the left mouse button and drag the task bar out.

  Mysticnas 07:18 03 Jan 06

however, that was one of first things i tried doing. Didn't work. I was going out of my mind.

I found it out though... apprently on the laptop there's a function in the display settings to increase the area of the screen greater that of the of physical screen dimensions.

I finally corrected the this issue through the graphics display settings and set the screen size to normal viewing area.

Thanks all.

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