Miscrosoft Security Essentials or Avast

  Border View 31 Aug 11

I recently got a new computer which runs with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. Just discovered it has installed and is running Microsoft Security Essentials.

As a matter of course when I first got the computer I installed Avast as my antivirus; Super Antispyware and Spyware Blaster. Thought I would use Windows Defender as my firewall.

Having just discovered that I am also running MS Security Essentials it would appear I am running two anti virus programs which I always thought was a total no, no.

Need advice. Do I unistall Avast or MS Security Essentials? Or can I just leave them both to run?

Thank you.

  tullie 31 Aug 11

I prefer Avast,others MSE,the choice is yours,but get rid of one of them.

  rdave13 31 Aug 11

To get rid of Avast then search for the uninstaller tool from their site and follow instruction. I'm of the same opinion as Tullie and prefer Avast. Win 7 has it's own firewall, which I use, and Win Defender is an antimalware program not a firewall.

  Ventad 31 Aug 11

I run MSE and Windows own fire wall on W7 laptop and a Vista Desk top they work fine. MSE updates sometimes can update 2-3 times a day. I have run other free programmes including avast and they sometimes either lock up occasionally or take time booting since runnining these no problem.

  Border View 31 Aug 11

Think I shall uninstall MSE. I have used Avast for a long time now and am happy with it.

Thanks for responding.

  kdt 31 Aug 11

64 bit w7 professsional works fine with mse. I got rid of mcafee.

  buteman 31 Aug 11

Yes I would remove MSE and keep Avast.

Windows defender is not a Firewall.

I would also go into services and stop Windows defender from running as you have Superantispyware installed.

Windows own Firewall is good enough.


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