Minotoring Laptop in a cybercafe - Please help me

  Muslimat79 11:52 13 Dec 04

I've got a cybercafe setup fine and everything is working fine except one thing. How do I monitor the time spent by people who connect to the LAN without the cafe timer on other clients?

Please I need to be able to monitor their usage and know time spent, time started without going over to their pc/laptop.

Please kindly help me as I'm running on lost on this issue.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:58 13 Dec 04
  Muslimat79 12:09 13 Dec 04

Thanks Gandalf but I already got Antamedia Internet Cafe. As you know that I can't install this timer one customer's laptop. Is there a way I can detect and store time any computer is connected to the Local Arean Network, LAN, most especially, laptop.

I need may be, a kinda small program that will log the activities of any connected computer to the Local Area Network. Time connected, disconnected and total time spent on the network.

Thanks for your response Gandalf

  TomJerry 12:40 13 Dec 04

dig into router setup, you should be able to find this log. It will indicate activity of each connection (identified by MAC address).

I have a d-link wireless access point which has the log.

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