minimum software for a school laptop

  realist 10:18 11 Jan 05

If a laptop comes with Works 8.0 preinstalled what does this actually comprise?........and is there any other software i would need to add for a school user?


  Graham ® 10:23 11 Jan 05

Have a browse... click here

  recap 10:25 11 Jan 05

I think this will all depend on the curriculum level of the student/s that are going to be using the laptop.

  steven_frost 10:29 11 Jan 05

to be honest you'll be better off with word installed as this is used by many schools works is something i dont recomend using

  Belatucadrus 11:25 11 Jan 05

Just successfully completed HNC computing using Star 7, there were a few compatibility issues, mainly on the database, where I had to use Access. If the course includes Microsoft database work then an upgrade to Office is worth considering click here
So in my opinion, Works 8 should be more than adequate for 'most' requirements, but as recap says this will depend on the syllabus. There are obviously other programs that will prove useful, no doubt the school can provide suitable guidance. If Civica can't supply suitable on a student license, then there are free ware alternatives to most click here is a good place to look for some of them.

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