Minidisc to computer

  Yeldarb 08:42 04 Feb 08

Can anyone advise me how to connect a portable Minidisc player ot cassette tape to my computer ?

They are ideal for editing material - but they do not have USB computer connections.


  FreeCell 12:04 04 Feb 08

To capture audio, connect headphone out from either minisisc or cassette tape machine to the microphone in socket of PC.

  peter99co 14:19 04 Feb 08

If you download Audacity software you can then convert the input to MP3 etc. see forums for music threads

  lofty29 16:30 04 Feb 08

don't you have to be careful about the volume output level

  Yeldarb 16:34 04 Feb 08

Thank you FreeCell and peter99c0 for your prompt and courteous replies
(1) Freecell. Problem : the headphone cable certainly has an end to connect to the player - but what exactly do I connect to computer. Also I'm not certain where the micrphone socket is on the computer
(2) peter99co That sounds promising But first I have to understand MP3 and then Audacity

Sorry to be so medieval - I AM an absolute beginniner ! ! ! But I do appreciate your suggestions. Will report back when I've tried them. Thank you again

  peter99co 16:50 04 Feb 08

Connect the player using a cable with each end the same as the headphone cable (ie plug at each end)(5 din plug)Use the voluume contol on the player. find the Mic and Headphone sockets onthe back of tower Green and Pink? you can plug your headset into the tower if you want and you will then be ok.If you are laptop the connecting is easier just find the green and pink sockets

  peter99co 17:27 04 Feb 08

The use of the Mic Socket is ok but to record into software may require you to connect from Headphone on Mini Disc to Line in (pale blue) on computer. This connects you to the computer sound card. The Audacity software will allow proper recordings to be made. My own connection is a cable from my HIFI radio/cd player/Tape cassette
head phone socket to Line-in on back of tower.
The key component is the plug to plug 5din cable supplied by Maplin about 3 mtrs long or more if reqd. not expensive at all.Any recording are on the hard drive and can be burned to disc at will.
I even play my old 78/45records and its great fun.
Do delete from hard drive afer copy finished if space is a concern. Play burned cd,s and rip to Windows Media Player. Confused?

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