Minidisc to Cd ??

  hawthorn59 23:53 13 Oct 04

Hi All. Hope you can help! I have recorded my group on to minidisk, and want to transfer it on to CD. I realize I have to get the tracks on to CD somehow, but don’t know how.
I do have a stereo jack to jack lead. On the MD player there is no line out, but a headphones socket, which I think will do the job, or will it?

Where do I go then? Do I need software? I have, with my soundcard, Creative Meadia Player which does give some instructions as to how to record from old LPs etc. but Im not sure if they apply to minidisc. It doesn’t actually say how to record from minidisk at all.

Finally, a really basic question I know, but where is the line in on the PC? It’s a new Dell. Lots of sockets that the jack will fit in round the back of the PC, but all different colours…. Sorry!

Any help would be appreciated.


  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 14 Oct 04

You can use the headphone socket on the minidisk player to connect to the line in socket on your soundcard / motherboard.

There are cables available with a "headphone" jack on both ends.

Then use a program like audacity click here to record.

  accord 09:17 14 Oct 04

magix audio cleaning lab 2005 will suffice click here with this you can digitally enhance the recording by taking out any hissing, scratching and pops. Plug the supplied cable into the headphone socket on the MD and the other into your sound card and away you go.

You can also record direct from a turntable without the need for a preamp.

  accord 09:18 14 Oct 04

sorry should have been click here

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