mini notebook screen broken need to retrieve files

  ray197222 01:33 21 Jun 06

jvc mobile mininote pc/mp-xp5230 which was stolen and the screen was broken but it still boots up i need to recover my documents from it any ideas would be greatly welcomed

  Belatucadrus 02:04 21 Jun 06

Have you got a spare screen you could plug into it ? Without being able to see what's going on, any data transfer is likely to be difficult to impossible. Another option would be to remove the hard drive and connect it as a slave in another PC.

  **nada** 02:07 21 Jun 06

As above, or maybe connect it to another computer via network/USB/firewire etc. to transfer files.

  ray197222 02:13 21 Jun 06

the hard drive is tiny and how would i connect another screen to it

  ray197222 02:24 21 Jun 06

it has a mini vga port but i dont have a cale if i got a cable would it start up anoth
er screen

  Taff™ 09:59 21 Jun 06

In theory yes but often you have to press a combination of keys to "toggle" between the LCD and external monitor. (Fn Key + F?) Have a look at the keyboard and see if there`s a symbol that looks like a Desktop Computer with a Rectangle next to it on one of the Function Keys.

I suspect a cable or adapter might be expensive so I`d suggest removing the Hard Disk and putting it into a USB "Caddy" something like this click here You should then be able to recover your files - reformat the disk and have a backup storage device at the end of it all. The cable you`ll probably only use once!

  Taff™ 10:01 21 Jun 06

I assume the HDD is a standard 2.5" IDE type.

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