Mini DVC to USB/Firewire

  Kev11 22:48 04 Dec 06

Hi - I need to transfer my mini DVCs to my PC so I can burn them to DVD (using Sonic MyDVD). Can anyone recommend/suggest the best cable to link my JVC digital camcorder to the PC (either USB2 or Firewire). Thanks. Kev

  Technotiger 22:50 04 Dec 06

I have always used Firewire.

  Kev11 22:51 04 Dec 06

Sorry, all - think I've posted this in the wrong forum. I'll put it up in Digital World instead. Sorry if I've wasted anyone's time. :-(

  woodchip 22:53 04 Dec 06

Yes Firewire works best, I have JVC and can use both but Pinnacle software works Automatic using Firewire

  woodchip 22:54 04 Dec 06

PS if you go for Firewire, Make sure that you get the correct cable to fit the camera. Mine is a mini DV output

  Kev11 23:14 04 Dec 06

Woodchip - how do I know which one I need? The camera says 'DV out' - is that the same as yours? Any recommendations where to go to buy one? Thanks.

  woodchip 23:18 04 Dec 06

Yes you need one to fit that socket, Mine is behind the TFT screen. It also as AV in out and S-Video

  Kev11 23:23 04 Dec 06

Mine has s video, av in out and then PC (digital photo) JLIP -I presume the latter is the one I need to use. Any thoughts on suppliers?

  woodchip 23:43 04 Dec 06

I think I got mine from a Computer Fair as they are cheaper, If you go into PCWorld you should see one that fits Make a note of the type connecters then get it someware cheaper. Some hear that's cheap click here You are looking at £25 for a JVC cable. if you go for JVC make

  Kev11 00:03 05 Dec 06

Many thanks for your help; just found a supplier that's equally cheap and ordered what looks like the same one you're recommending. Really appreciate your help tonight. See you again. Kev

  Vangeliska 00:07 05 Dec 06

Probably on the camera the Firewire socket is small and almost square.

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