Mini Disk Player

  EmBeZzLeR 15:25 02 May 03


I'm looking for a really good MD Player, Sony brand. Does anyone know any good/cheap sites which have a wide range of different Sony MD products?


  EmBeZzLeR 15:28 02 May 03

I forgot to mention that i would like it with all the connections.

  behrouzn 15:47 02 May 03

Go to Richer sounds. Theyve got the best deals on any piece of a/v equipment. I think the site is click here or click here

  vinnyT 15:54 02 May 03

I got the netMD mz-n505, when I found I was paying silly money replacing the batts. in my beatman mp3 player, and have found it excellent. It's not the top spec model, but has usb, optical connections, rechargable battery (which lasts around 63hrs, the manual says 53, but I had more), can get more than 4 cds' on disk using mdlp2. The only thing I'm not too impressed with is the software, but it does the job.

As for where to get one, just try this link click here to compare prices. Hope this helps.

  oliverdore 16:12 02 May 03

I agree with behrouzn, Richer Sounds has the best deals. I got an MZR-55 from there a couple of years ago and saved.... approx £70.

-ol boy-

  EmBeZzLeR 16:15 02 May 03

Richer Sounds don't tell you the features of the product. If i purchase a MD from there will it come with all the connection i need to transfer files from the computer to it? or will i have to buy the connections myself?

  Peverelli 16:49 02 May 03

What sort of files do you want to transfer? MD is no good for data files.

For price comparisms, click here

  EmBeZzLeR 17:10 02 May 03

I thinking about music

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