MIMO routers

  pigfisher 23:10 17 Sep 06

iv read the other treads relating to the topic but some questions of mine remain unanswered. Basically i live in a 5 story house and need wireless connection (using cable) on all levels.

Will a 54Mbps router cover the whole house or do i need to be looking at MIMO 108/240Mgps for the extended range?

I think im right in saying that 54Mgps cards will work on a 108+Mgps routers? But will the increase range avalible be picked up by these cards or will they have to be replaced for fast 108+Mgps cards?

many thanks guys

  ade.h 23:14 17 Sep 06

MIMO router + standard 802.11g receiver = standard 802.11 network. Five stories + 802.11g = no network, in all likelyhood.

Bit of info about MIMO from my site: click here and scroll down.

  pigfisher 23:23 17 Sep 06

i know this maybe a bit of a bizzar responce but would it be possible for say 3 stories connecting using 54Mgps cards and top 2 stories using 108Mgps all connecting to the same MIMO router.
thanks again

  Strawballs 23:28 17 Sep 06

Is there any way that you could position the router on 2nd or 3rd floor that might help

  ade.h 23:29 17 Sep 06

Yes, it would be possible. Provided a consistent, reliable and reasonably fast connection can be made between each client and the router, then the only effect that you should notice would be a drop in speed if a file transfer was directed to or from an 802.11g client as opposed to within the group of MIMO clients.

  pigfisher 23:30 17 Sep 06

i thought that but would it would make any difference

  ade.h 23:31 17 Sep 06

One floor is fine for 11g, but two floors or more is usually too big a task for it, particularly when so many networks are less than optimised with regard to positioning, environment and interference.

  ade.h 23:35 17 Sep 06

As a rule of thumb, any optimum figure stated for 802.11g can be cut by close to a third in the real world. So a claimed indoor range of up to 30m will really deliver about 10m or thereabouts. That's a typical distance from, say, an upstairs study at the front to a downstairs lounge at the back in an average home with average walls.

  pigfisher 23:38 17 Sep 06

thanks for all the help, not as easy as it first appeared. In your oppinon will my above surgestion work or do i need to go for all MIMO cards to gain good enough connections?

  ade.h 23:57 17 Sep 06

On which floors will you have wireless clients and on which floor/s could the router be easily positioned? If you can tell me that, I should be able to give you a pretty definitive assessment.

  ade.h 23:58 17 Sep 06

Logging off now, but will catch up with this tomorrow AM.

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