Migrating to new Medion computer

  IClaudio 10:05 25 Nov 05

I have my eye on the new Medion from Aldi, on sale this am, and as usual pretty highly spec'd, though there is no mention of price on the site (usually £899, I think...). **

I will have hundreds of progs to move across, not to mention thousands of data files :( - what's the best way to tackle this, and how do I best retain all the various settings and passwords etc.?

** PS, I can't find any info on the graphics card, the Nvidia GeForce 6700XL: from the number, it would appear to be quite an old card, but I can't find any mention of it anywhere.

TIA for any advice

  rickf 10:18 25 Nov 05

I believe the 6700XL is specially provided for Medion Comps only but it'll play any gmaes on the market at the moment.

  IClaudio 10:20 25 Nov 05

>>I believe the 6700XL is specially provided for Medion Comps<<

Yes, that's what I thought...

  Belatucadrus 11:05 25 Nov 05

For file transfer use MigWiz, the file & settings transfer wizard click here

  IClaudio 14:09 25 Nov 05

Ah Thanks Bela, exactly what I need :)

By the way, the computer is fab! It's £749, comes without a screen, but Medion are offering a 17" for £139 and a 19" for £199, both with 8msec response time.

  IClaudio 14:18 25 Nov 05

Oh and another cool thing:

Get the Medion 250G external Drive for £99 and this drops into a bay on the top of the computer... no need for leads (although it will work just as well with a USB cable to any other computer)

I'm very happy at the moment :)

  woodchip 16:24 25 Nov 05

You can move data and pics etc but not Programs

  IClaudio 22:22 25 Nov 05

Yes Woodchip...

I have the original CDs of the apps I need, it was stuff like passwords, Internet settings and so on that I was worried about, I'm now going the Wireless Network route (more headaches I fear:()

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