Migrate or Start New with MS Accounting Pro 2008

  Proclaimer 20 Feb 08


I now have Microsoft Office Accounting Professional 2008. I currently do my accounts and customer management (customer id's, order references and contact details) in excel.

When I go live with Accounting Pro 2008 (my financial year starts on 05 April) should I start fresh and just add New Customers as they come in and enter a starting £ balance that is on hand on the 5th April?


Capture the past 1 or 2 years worth of customer data and cash (income & expenditure) flow and try to follow on from there.

I think New & Fresh is what I want to do but not sure how it looks from an outside point of view, ie; tax man or accountants. I may even be thinking out loud here as there is no one 'in the office' as I am a sole trader.


  Forum Editor 20 Feb 08

and you're right, provided you have all the relevant information for previous years properly recorded elsewhere.

Start the new accounting year in Accounting Pro - don't waste time importing all the earlier information, but to make doubly sure don't take my word for it, run it past your accountant.

  Newuser38 21 Feb 08

Can I suggest that you also check with your accountant that MS Accounting Pro 08 UK is the best program for you as a Sole Trader (apologies if you have already done this).

This site click here= may give you some idea of queries being raised by others most of whom are accountants or fulltime bookkeepers.


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