Midi to mobile phone.

  Peverelli 15:50 26 Apr 03

I compose my own midi files and would like to download some of them to my phone. Does anyone know how to do this or is there any software out there that'll help? My phone (T-Mobile i 128) has a 'compose' mode but I can only do this in monophonic mode even though the phone has polyphonic capabilities.

  howard60 15:56 26 Apr 03

my Nokia came with a cd for doing things like this - do you not have the software?

  Peverelli 16:02 26 Apr 03

I have some software that allows me to download/upload certain files but there's no mention of ringtones, except for dialling premium rate numbers!!

  Peverelli 22:32 26 Apr 03

Quick refresh for anyone on the 'PCA Helproom nightshift' before I go to work :O)

  Peverelli 08:23 27 Apr 03

... or maybe the day shift?

I promise to be good (welll, for today).

  goonerbill 09:54 27 Apr 03

nokia make cables to connect ya phone to ya pc and download stuff that way and there is plenty of software out there as well some shareware or buy. other mobile makers have similar products. best to search the web by ya make and model

  AubreyS 10:53 27 Apr 03

What type of phone do you have?

  Peverelli 15:10 27 Apr 03

Sorry for the delay, just resurfaced from bed.

It's a T-Mobile i128, which seems to be fairly obscure (just like T-Mobile's signal reception!) & although I'm usually very successful in my searches, I've drawn a blank so far. I've got a PC to phone cable and am able to download/upload pictures and certain types of data but transferring 'tones' has stumped me.

  Peverelli 22:10 27 Apr 03

I have found a site that converts midi to a text file that can be entered on the phone. It's not quite what I'm looking for (ie. something to be downloaded from PC to phone in polyphonic form) but it's better than nothing. click here

Thanks for your comments so far.

  goonerbill 22:16 27 Apr 03

you need different software to download ringtones to ya phone than for logo's etc. nokring is a ringtone program but as far as i know it only works on nokia's, maybe there is other software that will work on your phone

  Peverelli 22:30 27 Apr 03


Finding the software is a headache though :O(

As I said it's an obscure phone, I can't even get any details from T-Mobile's own site (certainly will NOT be staying with them once the contract is up). Only had it since February, so I doubt if it's obselete. Anybody else got one? Apparently goes by the name of Inventec/OKWap i128 in the rest of the world.

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