MIDI files

  Craig.m 11:47 19 Apr 04

I have been looking into Midi files and how to change another format sound file into a Midi file. From what I can make out, it is not really possible to do this because of the way a Midi file is made.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

The only reason I want it is to create a normal ringing sound and transfer it from laptop to mobile. I have a mobile with a selection of annoying tones, non of which are the basic phone ringing tone. You can go on various sites and get all manner of chart hits and film themes but not a standard ring ring or the anything approaching it.



  Kate B 12:17 19 Apr 04

My mobile (Sony Ericsson T610) just uses regular midi files as ringtones - I simply Bluetoothed it across from the PC and it found its way into the right place on the phone. Hope your mobile is the same.

  118-118 Got Your Number 16:26 19 Apr 04

Sorry you wont be able to convert a soundwave file to a MIDI file because: -

MIDI files are made up of MIDI note 'instructions' that tell the soundcard what sound to play (ie piano) - when the note started - how long to play it for - and when to stop.

Soundwave files are digital representations of an analogue signal and contain the sound frequency and its amplitude. The nature of either files are completely separate.

  Demora 17:19 19 Apr 04

This website has some business ringtones in
Midi format click here nd there is a program that will turn mp3/wav to midi for ringtones.

click here


  Demora 18:53 19 Apr 04

BTW forgot to mention on the t610 site the business tones are under generic.

I also have another web address but this is in Chzek


  Craig.m 20:51 19 Apr 04

Thanks for the posts, will go and have a peruse of the links.

  Craig.m 21:04 19 Apr 04

Unfortunately the software will not download, it errors from all sites, so I can't play with that. The site you linked to was for T610, mine is a Nokia, it plays Midi files too and I can take them off a PC on IR but the problem I am having is getting such a basic tone in Midi, oh well will have to make do with the annoying preset tones.

Thanks all


  Demora 23:08 19 Apr 04

I'll have a nosey around. Some of the midi files for Nokia are in smidi format and can be snet via txt mms. or wap. I have an extensive website favourites list of ringtones and midi files. Will check them out and see what can be found. also. click here has some ordinary ringtones ie old phone etc.

failing that I might be able to txt one to you.


  Demora 00:04 20 Apr 04

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