Microstar MD 41060 notebook - any experts?

  wildrover 13:07 16 Feb 04

I've recently bought the above with 128 MB RAM. I thought I would add more RAM but can't figure out how to do so. Graphics takes up 16 - 32 MB, have set it to 16, it came set at 32. I use it mainly for wordprocessing (word) but may also use it for photo viewing and maybe very basic editing (this is a second computer, most work will be done on main pc). May also use it to play very basic games (with my daughter) e.g. Tiny Planets.

I cn't get any answers from microstar or retailer, So, a couple of questions:
1. What is the general view re best memory set up?
2. How do you add RAM to this blighter? I cannot find a way of doing it. Does anyone know the model? Is it possible for a notebook novice? I have had a look underneath but can't figure it out?
Details are:
Medion Microstar MD 41060 click here={1A295D18-F5E1-4F11-A2A9-D0679409ADB3}&CatID={203E0B29-FE9A-4CF2-B75E-3E1E0F31E4AC} shows 256 model.
AKA: MID 2020 (I guess this is a rebadge?)
Celeron 2.2.

  wildrover 13:08 16 Feb 04

Follow notebook pcs, medion, MD 41060 from the above click here. Cheers.

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