Microsoft works on start up / MP3 cd will not play

  Ozz123 15:21 24 May 03

I am running a PIII system with windows 98SE and I have IE6 installed. Recently on start up the Microsoft works window appears on the desktop when I start up. Also since this has happened I am unable to acess my D drive, which is a DMD126D DVD ROM, when using any of my back up MP3 CD-Rs. Games software and audio discs will still run. Please help!!

  Lú-tzé 19:25 25 May 03

Check what is in the msconfig startup tab & the startup folder for windows (on the start_programs menu) - see is there a reason for the MS Works window appearing.

  Ozz123 20:30 26 May 03

Thanks to Lú-tzé, the Microsoft works window doesn't apear on start up. However I still have the problem with the DVD drive. I also run Norton for protection and have done a full system scan and it has reported no errors or viruses.

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