Microsoft works Spreadsheet problem

  Tenacious Green 16:32 19 Mar 05

To any Spereadsheet experts. Could anyone advise if and how I can get the auto sum feature to work out a percentage. I just can't seem to work it out. I basically want a percentage of a column to go into another column and I want the computer to do tyhe sums for me.

Thaks in advance

  pj123 16:57 19 Mar 05

Auto sum will only do 'add ups'. That's why it's called auto sum.

Anything other than that you will need to write a formula.

  Tenacious Green 17:00 19 Mar 05

Could you advise on how to write a formula for percentage?

  pj123 17:51 19 Mar 05

Give an example of exactly what you want to do?

What do you have, say, in column A and where do you want it to be in column B. You don't have to give real info if it is sensitive. Just make something up.

  Tenacious Green 19:12 19 Mar 05

Yeah, In COLUMN A for example, I have the amont £100 and I want COLUMN B to show 35% of A and COLUMN C to show the remaining 65%.

The figures above are simple however the ones I'm using for real are not so easy as they are decimalised.


  Noldi 19:28 19 Mar 05

Column A is the amount B is % and C answer. format cells in B to percent then write a formula in C as follows =(sumA1*B1) that is one way of doing it.

  Noldi 19:36 19 Mar 05

Sorry pj123 I jumped in there without thinking

  TonyV 20:43 19 Mar 05

The method in Excel would be to format the cells to show Currency. In Column A you type the numbers you have to work with like the £100.00. In Cell B1 you use =A1*35%. and in Cell C1 you type =A1-B1. Copy those two formulae down the length of Column B & C. No matter what figure you use in A1, the answers will come out as 35% of A1 in B1 and 65% of A1 in C1. I assume there is a similar Formula make up in Works to that in Excel. Hope it gives you what you want.

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