Microsoft Works 8

  hubdean 15:02 24 Mar 06

can anyone tell me how to save data to d drive when i click close

  Genius1 15:06 24 Mar 06

Don't click close. Instead, use the File, Save As menu and select the appropriate drive/folder. (in Microsoft Works Word Processor).

  hubdean 15:09 24 Mar 06

wont let me save in d drive
wants to save in my documents
just says export or inport there is no save as or save

  VoG II 15:14 24 Mar 06

If D drive is a CD it won't allow this.

  Genius1 15:15 24 Mar 06

Sorry, was thinking of Microsoft Word. I don't have access to Works where I am at the moment, maybe someone else can help who has access to it now?

  hubdean 15:22 24 Mar 06

why wont it save to cd
i have no floppy drive on this computer
so where do i save it ????
if not to cd

  VoG II 15:25 24 Mar 06

Save it to My Documents then burn to a CD. click here

  hubdean 15:29 24 Mar 06

looks like i will have to do it that way
but what a long winded way to have to do it every time
im just looking to keep a record of my work
dont seam to be able to find a good program to do this


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