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" Microsoft Words " settings.

  Daibus 08:26 08 Oct 03

When I go to try and save any changes I´ve made in Microsoft Words, e.g font, margins etc. I cannot find anywhere to secure them.

On the font change window for example, I have not got, any Default icon and I have comprehensively searched my Words 2001 for a way to secure changes that I´ve made, without success.
I´m taking a computer course at the moment and even the teacher is baffled, as using other computers a Default window seems always to show, and there seems no problem.

Help please ?

  Chris the Ancient 09:01 08 Oct 03

Slightly confused. I assume you mean MS Word (without the 's') and also assuming you don't meand MS Works (With a 'k' instead of a 'd'). Could be easy to confuse me at this time of the day!

Normally, standard settings are saved as part of the normal.dot template. It would appear that somebody else has changed them! And your tutor is baffled? Hmmmm....

Anyway, first step is to investigate defining your template.


  Taff36 09:14 08 Oct 03

Agree with Chris The Ancient - find your normal.dot template on your hard drive. Make sure you open WORD then open the template from Word. Make your changes and then save and close the file.

The next time you open a new document it will start with the saved template settings. (Don`t quite know where these other computers get the default icons from - slightly confused)

Which version of Word are you using by the way?

  MAJ 09:22 08 Oct 03

Or, in Word go to Format > Font and set the font you want, then click the 'Default' button at the bottom. It's the same for margins etc. ecept you go to File > Page Setup and click the 'Default' button. But as said already it's as easy to open Normal.dot make the changes then save Normal.dot.

  Taff36 09:38 08 Oct 03

Ah those default buttons! Never noticed them before - I think that`s a quicker way for the purposes of this thread. Thanks.

  MAJ 10:13 08 Oct 03

Yes I was a little confused by the mention of the default "icon", at first, Taff36. I assumed it was the default button. But if those buttons are missing, Daibus, then try a "Detect and Repair" from the Help menu in Word, assuming it is Word we're talking about. But your tutor should know all this, I would have thought.

  wildrover 10:19 08 Oct 03

It looks as though the copy of Word on your machine may be corrupt ("I have not got, any Default icon; other computers a Default window seems always to show, and there seems no problem"). If you are in a learning centre of some kind, you may be able to save changes in Normal.dot but, then again, if you are on a learning centre network perhaps you can't. Is there an IT support person you can talk to? Or switch off and go to another machine - that always works for me in learning centres!!

If you are at home, on your own computer, It may just be that you are using an older version of word (I am guessing that the default button has not always been there, I don't recall seeing it before) or are, in fact, are using the Works word processor which has not always been Word.

  wildrover 10:22 08 Oct 03

Sorry MAJ - didn't see your last post!

  Taff36 10:44 08 Oct 03

I checked back and the feature is in Word 97 on my old machine next door - just goes to show I didn`t pay attention for the last 5 years!

  wildrover 11:40 08 Oct 03

Thanks. You and me both not paying attention!!

  Chris the Ancient 18:14 08 Oct 03

Any feedback, please?

(And I'd completely forgotten about 'default' buttons!)


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