microsoft word for xp??

  carlinglover 09:51 10 Apr 03

before the people who supplied my pc took it away to be wiped and xp re-installed we had a program which would allow my wife to make calendars and the like but when returned it was no longer there.. does anybody have this application with xp and know where i can find it on the net to download again... hope you can help with this to make the wife happy and my ears happier lol.. ty in advance for your help again guys


  DieSse 10:16 10 Apr 03

What application?? - There's loads of them. MS Publisher does it, if you had this.

  DieSse 10:18 10 Apr 03

Should have added - put ... calendar maker ... into a Google search, and see if there are any that fill the bill.

  Big Elf 10:36 10 Apr 03

In Word 2000 if you click on File, New, Other Documents there's a calendar wizard. May be the same option in other version of Word.

  carlinglover 10:50 10 Apr 03

the calendar sites i found are trials etc.. this one we had amonst other bits that could be done sat at the top of the start menu and it was an office programm... i am annoyed they deleted it when they took the pc away and hope to find it again.. ty again all for your help

  graham 10:55 10 Apr 03

If you look in programs, microsoft works, you will find a calender.

  carlinglover 10:58 10 Apr 03

graham.... cant find that at all in programs..

  graham 11:08 10 Apr 03

So you don't have Microsoft Works Suite installed. Is it on a CD that came with the computer?

  carlinglover 11:10 10 Apr 03

the only cd i have is for me to install xp again if need be nothing else on it

  carlinglover 11:14 10 Apr 03

graham ... i have a mother board disc and an xp home edition disc???

  graham 11:18 10 Apr 03

As Big Elf says, try looking in Word, it's the same calender as in works, though. Failing that I would contact the supplier.

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