Microsoft Word problem

  Brian-336451 18:30 20 Jan 05

Does anyone either have a similar problem or a cure?

I'm using Word 2003 and when I select for example a title and then apply say Centre, often I find the whole document centres.

If I then select Cancel last action, I find that it all goes back AND quite often the result I want is applied.

Before anyone asks too, the text is NOT in the same paragraph, there are several paragraphs.

It is NOT serious, but just irritating.

Any ideas?

Yes I've done all the malware/antivirus/sfc/fully updated Windows and Office.

  recap 18:38 20 Jan 05

Search for file rename it normal.old reboot and that may solve the problem?

  billyliv 19:59 20 Jan 05

Hi, Silly response I know, Are you Highlighting the text that you want to centre?. Cheers, Bill

  joebloggs1 21:02 20 Jan 05

had same problem on some templates at work and it was linked to style. Can't remember which style was causing the problem, but if you change whoe document to Normal you shoudl find this doesn't happen.

  megat193 21:44 20 Jan 05

This used to crop up frequently in Word97 and was all to do with styles and templates. In Word2002 (I don't have 2003), I see that it is in the Modify Style panel. There is a checkbox at the bottom right which says "Automatically Update". I am pretty sure that if this is ticked then any time you alter the formatting of existing text, the whole shebang changes as well.

  Brian-336451 13:06 21 Jan 05

Thanks for your responses.

I looked at the Normal Style and, sure enough, the Automatically Update box WAS ticked.

I've now unticked it and we'll see what happens.

I really appreciate the help, I'd given up trying to work out what was going on, but suddenly remembered I hadn't asked here.



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