Microsoft Word doesn't recognise .docs !

  linden 08:27 13 Mar 06

I have Word 2002 SP3. If I double click ( or Right click and Open ) on a Word documentin Explorer then Word opens but does NOT open the file. I have to go back and double click again. Sometimes I get a message saying Word cannot find the file - then it does occasionally open it.
Other programs ( Excel, PSP etc) all open their associated files. In the associated file list .docs are noted as Microsoft Word.
If Word is open already - file opens. (Word opens more slowly than previously)

Widows XP SP2
Very irritating problem - hope someone can suggest what to try?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:54 13 Mar 06

Do you have norton antivirus installed? IF so, untick the option for microsoft office integration and reboot. See if that helps.

If not, try a repair of Office from help, detect and repair.

  linden 09:07 13 Mar 06

Thank you Diodorus for quick response.

Both suggestions already tried. But knowing Norton ( I have system works ) I will go and check if that item has reappeared1 Hope you don't mind my use of your first name?


  linden 17:25 15 Mar 06

Both above suggestions had already been done. However problem is now solved! I noticed that had grown to 6Mb from usual couple of hundred Kb! Made new and problem gone away!
Anyone any idea why got huge?


  Diodorus Siculus 17:37 15 Mar 06

Thanks for the feedback - I should have remembered the trick!

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