++ Microsoft WORD cap letters problem

  pcdimwit 06 Jun 11

I am using an Word 2003 programme, and every next line I begin to type in any format, letter, document, label, etc., appears as a Capital letter, I have been told it is somewhere in "auto format" that I must change "auto format as you type" - or something like this to make it only type a lower case letter on the next line you type, but I cant find any logical straightforward instructions how to do this, what do I do to make it type "properly" i.e. it will only type a capital letter when you press the shift key or caps lock key, thanks PCDIMWIT

  lotvic 06 Jun 11

Try Top toolbar: Format > Autoformat - Options button > AutoCorrect tab and UNtick 'Capitalize first letter of sentences'

  lotvic 06 Jun 11

I should have added that it thinks you have started a new sentence because you have pressed Enter/Return to start a new line

  pcdimwit 06 Jun 11

Oh, I see, WOW, just done that and YES, its not doing that annoying capital letter on a new line, I didnt realise that it automatically set the new line first letter as a capital if you just pressed "enter and return" key, as I tend not to let it automatically start a new line but do the enter/return key on my own when I think the word is near enough to the right margin, thanks alot PCDIMWIT!!!

pcdimwit: so, you use Word as if it were a typewriter. Interesting... :-) Just like word processing never happened... :-)

Just a tip for all of you out there who look at the keyboard rather than the screen when you're typing, and get very frustrated when you find you've accidentally hit the Caps Lock key and have spent five minutes TYPING ALL IN UPPER CASE. I use a piece of software called Boldfinger which automatically disables the caps lock key (if you really need it, you have to do Alt + Caps Lock). It's brilliant.

  pcdimwit 06 Jun 11

Yes, I do, because I was taught to type "properly" many years ago, and only look at the screen and therefore treat the WP like a typewriter and always return the "carriage" by hand, its a habit that is very hard to break when one has been taught proper typing, this is why its such a pain that the capital letter was appearing on the first word of the new line (didnt realise that the word programme did this automatically) thanks PCDIMWIT

  Sea Urchin 06 Jun 11

The problem with using the "carriage return" is that if you insert (or delete) words, sentences or paragraphs from the text your line spacing will go completely haywire. The Enter key should only be used for a new paragraph.


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