Microsoft Word

  Cesar 11:31 30 Jul 08

I have a trial edition of Office on my new computer but I cannot find Winword in it can anyone help? thanks in advance.

  Batch 11:45 30 Jul 08

A few questions:

A. Is it Microsoft Office or Open Office (or possibly Microsoft Works even)?

B. Assuming it is Microsoft Office, what version is it?

C. The application is Word, winword is the executable file (i.e. winword.exe) - is this possibly a source of confusion

  nosharpe 11:55 30 Jul 08

Can't say I was aware MS did trial versions.
Try download Open Office Open click here as an alternative

  Simsy 15:28 30 Jul 08

That the trial is not yet installed, but that there installed an installation programme. The trial last from when that is run. How else would it now when to start from?

Is there an Office icon anywhere on the desktop or start menu? If so that will probably start the process.

With apologies if I'm way off the mark!



  Cesar 13:14 31 Jul 08

I have decided to purchase Microsoft Office
Home /Student Edition, but before doing so as I have a lot of Word Documents (Word 2002) and spreadsheete Excel (2003) can I use them with
Office 2007, and are Word and Excel Full versions or Cut Down? Thank you in Advance

  sinbads 13:23 31 Jul 08

Yes word 2002 and excel 2003 aree compatbl with office 2007

  Cesar 13:27 31 Jul 08

Thank you Sinbads.

  Pine Man 13:46 31 Jul 08

None of the applications in Office/Student addition are cut down.

  skeletal 15:09 31 Jul 08

I also may be off the mark here, but I'm thinking you may be a student. If so, or if you have children at school or uni, are you aware of:
click here

You have a choice of Office versions and it is worth considering a more expensive version that includes all/most of Office.

When people say "cut down version" they mean less packages (e.g. not including Access, One note etc), but everything you actually buy will be fully working as Pine Man says.


  DieSse 18:12 31 Jul 08

On the other hand Open Office dies evrything you'll likely want to do, including open all your MSOffice files, and costs absolutely nothing!

Probably the best version for compatibility is GO Open Office

click here

It'll open your office 2007 files too, and output directly to .pdf format.

  Ditch999 19:27 31 Jul 08

I believe the Ultimate Steal from Microsoft is coming back on 20th August click here
I got Office 2007 Ultimate for £38.95

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