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  R.C.M. 21:22 26 May 06

I am trying to insert a photo into a document in Microsoft Word. I can see the picture in my print preview pane but not in the 'normal'? view.

How do I make the picture visible no matter what view?

I want to send the document via the email and I want the recipient to be able to see what I've sent without any fuss or explanations. Is this possible?

Probably too simple for the more computer literate folk than me, but I've struggled long enough today to work it out for myself [without success]and have tried to follow the instructions from the wee paper clip thing! in Microsoft Help. Therefore I could do with some help, any 'simple' assistance will be appreciated.

  VoG II 21:34 26 May 06

Pictures are not displayed in 'normal' view. Save the document in 'Print Layout' format and mail it. Your recipient should then see the pictures.

  butter fingers 21:35 26 May 06

click on tools menu then options. In there you should see the view tab. click on this if it isnt in front and tick the drawings box in print and web layout.
this should help?

  R.C.M. 21:55 26 May 06

I sent the email to myself and included the picture as an attachment, while the table was visible the picture was not.

butter fingers:- I've printed my document and it's printing out the way I want it - it's just the uncertainty as too whither the recipient will be able to see it?

  VoG II 22:14 26 May 06

View > Print Format then save the document. Pictures should then be visible.

  R.C.M. 22:28 26 May 06

Please be patient - the old fart will try to follow your instructions. I went to view and could not find print format, the nearest I could find was print layout. I clicked this and saved in another file name - but still no pictures were displayed. Sorry for being so thick.

  martjc 22:41 26 May 06

...You really did mean print layout, didn't you?

  VoG II 13:40 27 May 06

Er, yes I did - thanks.

  wee eddie 14:12 27 May 06

You have given us no idea of the size or format (e.g. .jpg or .raw) of the picture that you are trying to insert.

Word will display a small picture with ease using the "Insert" function and collecting it from your Files.

However, if the picture is in the region of 800kb, or larger, in size and say a .raw file, it is not going to display and may be even too big to send through to some folks normal e-mail system.

  R.C.M. 19:00 27 May 06

Lang mi yer lum reek - one picture is 424 KB[gif] and the other is 78 kb's[jpeg]

Does this make a difference? - raw file?? no idea.

  terryf 20:30 27 May 06

Make sure that in tools>options>view that 'picture placeholders' is NOT ticked

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