Microsoft WMF vulnerability patch released

  sjbell 21:17 05 Jan 06

Available now on Microsoft Update. Also see click here

  sjbell 21:20 05 Jan 06

Microsoft Security Bulletin click here

  sjbell 21:34 05 Jan 06

CNET story on Microsoft breaking with its monthly patch cycle click here

  Skyver 21:53 05 Jan 06

Thanks sjbell, XP patched - I hope they released a patch for 98/ME too, just going to confirm....

  sjbell 22:08 05 Jan 06

See the CNET link "While Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 are vulnerable, Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition are not exposed to the same threats that exploit the WMF flaw, according to an update to a Microsoft security advisory on the issue."

  Skyver 22:12 05 Jan 06

I'd heard they were, only difference being that they don't use thumbnails nearly as much in Explorer. Well there is no '98 update so I'll take CNet's word for it. Thanks again.

  J B 23:33 05 Jan 06

Thanks a lot, just downloaded it. J.B.

  bluesbrother 23:47 05 Jan 06

According to A-Squared all versions of Windows are affected. click here

I suppose MSoft will get round to ME and 98 eventually.

  Stuartli 23:59 05 Jan 06

It's clearly been a major concern for MS otherwise it wouldn't have gone to such lengths.

  Skyver 00:07 06 Jan 06

This makes interesting here

  sjbell 12:49 06 Jan 06


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