Microsoft Validation

  musopoet 15:17 25 Sep 09

I keep getting messages that inform me that my Windows Media Player has not passed validation. I won't enable me to play files no more and asks me to download Media Player 11. I'm unable to do so.

When I go through the Validation process I am informed that my copy of Windows is not genuine. However, when I had a recent rein-stall done the shop gave me a disc which looked like an authentic copy???

  bjh 15:26 25 Sep 09

It's not the disk that makes the copy valid, but the "Certificate of Authority", a label with a long number on it, usually fixed to your machine. Do you have such a label?

It'd look vaguely like click here but varies depending on the species of Windows installed.

  musopoet 15:48 25 Sep 09

Can't see one!

  Sea Urchin 16:01 25 Sep 09

Did you buy your system new? If so it should have a product key somewhere on a label - in the form of 25 alpha-numeric digits in groups of five.

  bjh 16:46 25 Sep 09

If the shop charged you for a Windows disk, or install, they should supply you with one.

  musopoet 16:58 25 Sep 09

I bought my PC without Windows installation on it.

Installed it from a disc - Windows XP Professional - bought from shop that also did the recent re-installation. Had no worries before - it's a Version 2002 Service Pack 2 disc - but recent Windows downloads have upgraded it to Service Pack 3.

  Sea Urchin 17:38 25 Sep 09

You would have needed the product key to install it

  chub_tor 17:45 25 Sep 09

Presumably it was validated when you first installed it, then for some reason you had it re-installed by the shop that you bought it from. Did they re-install it from the same disk or did they use a different disc with a different (non valid)code. You need to contact the shop again.

  musopoet 18:04 25 Sep 09

The disc was installed with the product key - the shop has informed me.

The same disc was used for re-installation.

I can't understand why I keep getting these messages - also my desktop screen has changed from blue to black and a message has appeared at the bottom of my screen which reads: 'you may be a victim of software counterfeiting - this copy of windows did not pass genuine windows validation'

Never had these problems before???!!!

  chub_tor 18:53 25 Sep 09

click here will give you the Microsoft options for making your installation legal

  bjh 19:09 25 Sep 09

Quote "The disc was installed with the product key - the shop has informed me"...
... then they should give you the Certificate of Authority slip that they used!

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