Microsoft Synch centre was closed!!

  Simon Sudbury 21:29 23 Nov 10


Have been running dual boot Vista and XP for about a month (Vista preinstalled) with no probs.

Started Vista today and after a few mins all hell broke loose. Word wouldn't work, other progs wouldn't work.. variety of error messages-File system error ..Rebooted and got the above message and then Problem Report and Solutions has stopped working. Am assuming it's some sort of third party or virus but can't get:

PC Tools Spyware Doctor
System Restore
to work.

Am I completely stymied???????????

  Simon Sudbury 22:50 23 Nov 10

Should have added that XP is running fine but still have this major problem with Vista.

Would really appreciate any advice as quite desperate. Problems seems to be that possible cures are no use cos none of these applications will work!! (msconfig to do clean boot, PC Tools anti virus and spyware suite, system restore etc etc etc)



  Ashrich 23:01 23 Nov 10

If you can get to the boot options by tapping f8 while the PC is starting , try using " last known good configuration " .


  Simon Sudbury 09:26 24 Nov 10


Will try anything. Does F8 produce the same result as F2? (I think that was the button I used to get to boot configuration etc). Also as I have dual boot do I press it after selecting Vista/XP from the boot manager.

Does this sound like a virus etc. It just seems strange that it's completely wrecked just about everything apart from the internet and stops anti virus and all maintenance progs running.

I was also thinking of using my Vista disk as I believe that has a repair option. Could that work.

Many thanks for your help.


  Simon Sudbury 16:10 24 Nov 10

Hi Again

Would much appreciate any wisdom on this.


  Ashrich 23:18 24 Nov 10

f2 would get you into the bios , f8 gives you the boot options of safe mode , safe mode with networking , last known good configuration etc. keep tapping f8 while the PC is going through post , the page will come up before the Windows boot screen .


  Simon Sudbury 08:45 25 Nov 10


Have now identified the prob. It was the latest PC Tolls Spyware update that had "issues" with Vista. Uninstalled and everything now fine.

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