Microsoft Silverlight

  computerboy1000 18:06 06 Feb 08

What the hell is Microsoft Silverlight, everytime i visit microsoft it asks me to install it, i won't because i have no idea what it is


  mobileman1953 18:11 06 Feb 08

this may explain
click here

  computerboy1000 18:19 06 Feb 08

i still don't understand, does the FE Know

  MAT ALAN 18:24 06 Feb 08

which Microsoft website, it may just be an advert popping in which case we will all see it...

The FE doesn't need to know , there's not really anything he can do about what pops up on other websites other than offer help and advice, we sorta do that...

  VoG II 18:29 06 Feb 08
  lisa02 18:34 06 Feb 08


Has anyone installed it or is there a demo site illustrating what it can do?

  birdface 18:44 06 Feb 08

I have posted the same thing and so far I cannot find anyone that has downloaded it.I have now removed it from showing at Microsoft Updates.I used to get pop ups advertising it all the time.But just turned the pop up blocker on and don't get bothered with it anymore.Why Microsoft is pushing this and annoying everyone at the same time I don't know.

  MAT ALAN 18:48 06 Feb 08

found the site where its clearly advertised, but no popups, buteman is on the right track, unless you clicked on the link by mistake as it is asking you to install rather than download...

  birdface 18:49 06 Feb 08

There is a demo site.but they want you to download it first.

  lisa02 18:53 06 Feb 08

Just downloaded and am going to install it.

  mfletch 18:55 06 Feb 08

When I installed it I did not notice any difference on any site,

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